The school offers admission to Grades from I to VIII in addition to Preparatory classes.

• Admission is open to all, irrespective of caste, creed, community or religion.

• From Grades I to VIII, students are admitted on the basis of a Personal Interview.

• Application form in the prescribed format, should be submitted to the office along with the following documents.

Preparatory – I & II

1. Birth Certificate (Original & Copy)

2. Passport size photo -1 in number

Grades I - VIII

1 & 2. Same as above.

3. Original TC (Countersigned by proper authority)

4. Copy of Progress Report

• Students should fulfill the following minimum age requirement for getting admission in the school.

Preparatory I : 4 years (on 1 June)

Preparatory II : 5 years (on 1 June)

Grade I : 6 years (on 1 June)